10 Hair Care & Styling Tips & Tricks for Women

10 Hair Care And Styling Tips And Tricks All Women SHOULD Know

Haircare and styling are two things that are inseparable and go hand in hand. The number of hair care products consumed in the US alone is up to over 94 billion dollars in 2021. WHOA! Now that’s a lot of money spent on hair care! If only we knew how to take care of hair at home without running to the salon every time, we’d be able to spend those extra dollars on better coffee! 

To Help You Get That Cuppa Starbucks on the Daily, Here Are Some Hair Styling Tips and Tricks You Should Take Note Of:

1. Dry Shampoo Before Hitting the Bed

Want to wake up with the most voluminous and gorgeous hair? Use a dry shampoo hairspray before you sleep! Your body secretes extra amounts of oil when you sleep, so if you want to wake up with a neat and dry scalp, spray on some killer dry shampoo before your night’s slumber. The shampoo will help soak help the excess oils, and you’ll wake up feeling like a diva!

2. Apply Conditioner Before a Workout

Apply Conditioner Before a Workout

This may sound silly, but trust us, it works like a charm. Before your workout, set your hair with a good conditioner and leave it on as you enjoy your sweaty and heat-generating workout. The time and heat created will help the product set in beautifully and smoothen your hair unlike anything else! Don’t leave it on for more than 45 minutes to 1 hour. You don’t want to over-moisturize your hair. This is your ideal ticket to salon-styled hair at home!

3. Lukewarm Water is a Gift for Your Tresses

Lukewarm Water is a Gift for Your Tresses

While you enjoy that lukewarm shower, make sure you wash and rinse your hair thoroughly to leave behind any product in your hair/ scalp. Take good care of your scalp and prevent the formation of product build-up while showering. The perfect way to end a shower is to condition and wash your hair with cold water to seal in the moisture and close the pores!

Want to make your shower more fun? Get two touchless dispensers and fill them with shampoo and conditioner to have an automated and stress-free shower!

5. Heat-Protect Hair Before Styling

Heat-Protect Hair Before Styling

Before you go rushing to your straightener, make sure your hair is well-protected before it is subject to heat. The professional way to go about it is to use a heat protectant on your tresses before using styling accessories. You can order yourself a low-budget range of serums and heat-care products online!

6. Ditch the Ponytail

Ditch the Ponytail

If you’re continuously subjecting your hair to the dreaded clutches of a hair scrunchie, especially in a gravity-defying, high ponytail! We beg you to stop! Tying your hair in a ponytail is unnecessarily straining your locks. Instead, go for low ponytails with silk scrunchies and hair ties that hurt less.

P.S: This is some valuable advice that will not go in vain!

7. Scalp Care All The WAY!

Scalp Care All The WAY!

Your scalp is just an extension of your face. Read that again. We take SO much care to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and prep our faces after every shower! So much care for the face, but none for the scalp? That’s just a shame! If you don’t want your scalp going dry, scaly, or over-oily, make sure you use an exfoliating hair scrub/ mask once or twice a month! Just like your moisturizer, it is a must-have!

8. Split Ends Must be Killed!

Split Ends Must be Killed!

Your hair is already dead, don’t increase the damage by leaving the split ends to go unchecked. Your split ends can keep increases and may reach up the hair shaft if left unnoticed. Then the damage becomes irreversible. So, like love at first sight, hate on split ends at the first sighting, and break up for good with an appointment at the salon!

9. Hydrate Your Locks

Hydrate Your Locks

It’s a universal rule for hydration: A hydrated being is a healthy & happy being! Imagine how happy, healthy, smooth, and shiny your hair will feel when it’s hydrated? Get yourself a leave-in hair cream so that your hair remains soft, smooth, and moisturized for the entire day! You could go all DIY and make one from cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe, or even some rose oil!

10. The Hairbrush Basics

The Hairbrush Basics

Lastly, learning the appropriate hairbrush lingo for each situation and hair type is an essential hair styling tool. Here goes:

  • Wet hair: Use a wide-toothed comb
  • Fine hair: Natural boar bristle-comb
  • Thick hair: Tough nylon brush for detangling knots

And there you have it! The perfect hair care and styling hacks that will get you through your days seamlessly without having to run to the salon now and then! What’s your favorite one? We hope your hair looks as gorgeous as ever for the rest of 2021!

Happy Styling!

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