4 Rules For Straightening Your Beard With A Beard Straightening Brush

4 Rules For Straightening Your Beard With A Beard Straightening Brush

Now that you’ve taken advantage of the lockdown and have grown your beard out; you should know that with great beards comes great responsibility (to maintain it). Your beard is now long and it’s burly and maybe it’s getting a little out of hand and you’ve ended up a wild, unruly mess. Either way, you’ve identified problem areas with your beard that you want to control.

If you already are a part of the beard fraternity, then you must have seen this product pop up somewhere on your internet timeline. The beard straightening brush has become the ‘it’ product among the community. These beard styling tools can instantly take your beard from being unruly to majestic. 

Now, because these are heated brushes, there are some things that you should take care of. Also, everyone’s beard and hair texture are different, so keep reading to find out what to do specifically for your beard type.

Rule Number 1 – Always Clean or Wash Your Beard Before Using the Beard Straightening Brush

clean beard

Wash your beard or the food particles, dirt, dust, excessive facial oils, and sebum will bake into your beard follicles. To make sure that the beard styling tool glides effortlessly and smoothly through your beard, give your beard a thorough wash. 

Instead of using regular soap, use a beard soap or a beard wash on your face. Many regular face washes have moisturizers riddled into them so that they keep the skin soft but these same moisturizers can be harmful to your beard. Though these soaps and face washes could be pretty effective at stripping away dirt and oil from the surface of your face, they can be harsh on the beard. If your beard is more than two inches long, then these soaps can be extra harmful to your beard as they’ll strip it of their natural oils and will leave the bristles brittle. 

Beard soaps and washes are devoid of harsh chemicals and will gently wash your face. Also, beard soaps work in harmony with the sebum produced by your face. You should remember that a healthy beard emanates from healthy facial skin. Scrubs that exfoliate, for example, apricot and walnut scrubs can also increase the circulation of blood which is really beneficial for your beard follicles. 

Consider investing in a half-decent beard oil too. It is important to moisturize and maintain the levels of moisture in your beard prior to straightening. Using a high-heat professional hair straightener on a dry beard is a bad idea. Comb a little bit of beard oil into your beard before applying heat. Beard oils can help moisturize, condition, and soften the facial hair, also, it will act as a protectant against the heat from the beard hair straightener brush. 

Rule Number 2 – Pat Dry Your Beard Before Straightening It

straightening your beard

So, now that you’ve washed your beard, comes the second step- drying it. Avoid rubbing the towel across your face and always pat dry your beard. Rubbing the towel vigorously will tangle up the bristles of your beard and especially if you have a longer beard, it will create static and frizz which will cause the beard strands to repel each other. This is the reason why you’ll see the word ionic on so many beard straightening machines nowadays. Drying your beard with a towel will strip your beard of its negative ions and ionic generators will restore these negative ions ergo reducing frizz. 

Also, over rubbing your beard can lead to breakage and a general loss in the volume of your beard. You could end up with a patchy beard. Once you’ve pat dried the beard, you can now choose to either work in some beard oil or continue with straightening your beard.

Rule Number 3 – Follow These Steps for Straightening Your Beard

Step 1 – Use a Heat Shield Spray

Use a heat shield spray

High heat can potentially damage your beard, so it is prudent to use a heat protectant on your beard before using a beard straightening machine. Beard oils with an argan oil base, or an argan oil heat shield spray works wonders to protect your beard from heat. 

Use this prior to straightening your beard so that you don’t end up with a burnt beard. 

Step 2 – Start at the Lowest Temperature Setting

Use a heat shield spray

If you’re using a beard straightening heat brush, especially for the very first time, then consider starting at the lowest temperature setting, and then you can build up. This way, if the heat is screwing with your beard, you at least won’t go too hot too fast. Once you’re familiar with the beard straightening machine and the effect it has on your beard, you can experiment with higher temperatures to figure out what works best for you.

Step 3 – Brush All the Way Through Your Beard 

Start at the lowest temperature setting

A beard straightening brush does not work like a flat straightening iron. Do not hold the beard straightening brush on a single location for more than a few seconds. Keeping the heating element of the beard straightening machine in contact with your beard for extended periods of time is the perfect recipe for burnt hair. Instead, spend little amounts of time in each section of the beard. Then, come back to the prior sections after you’ve done the rest if you still need to straighten your beard more. This will stop your hair from weakening, even if you’re using the beard straightening machine at the highest level.

Step 4 – Brush Steadily 

Brush all the way through your beard

Always remember to move the beard straightening machine in a slow and steady motion. Brush from top to bottom and in clean and smooth strokes. Come back to each section over and over until it reaches your desired straightness.

Step 5 – Unplug 


Though most of these new-age beard straightening machines come with an auto-shutoff feature but still, whenever you’re not using the machine, unplug it. Don’t worry about the time it’ll take to reheat again because most beard straighteners take only about a minute to go from ice cold to 450°F.

Rule 4 – Have Fun with Grooming


Having a full-grown beard calls for a grooming regimen and a tedious one at that but it is vital to keep your beard healthy and looking its best. So, start having fun with grooming, start enjoying it. Also, remember that beard straighteners are amazing beard styling tools but they are not magic wands. Be patient with your beard and your grooming, and be sure to enjoy the process.

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