Soap Dispensers Be Used For Hand Sanitizer

Can Soap Dispensers Be Used For Hand Sanitizer

The short answer is, yes. Also, bearing in mind the current morbid scenario we are living in, filling your automatic soap dispensers with sanitizer might not be such a bad idea. Most of these modern age soap dispensers can dispense alcohol-based sanitizer pretty easily without getting damaged in the long run. However, some commercial soap dispensers can hold only liquid soap because their tanks and the valves on the inside are suited only to soap, and alcohol might just erode the dispensers. There are also some that can only hold foam soap. 

If you have bought a touchless liquid soap dispenser in this pandemic, then that is one of the smartest things one can do. You can put the automatic soap dispenser out on the porch and fill it with Purell so that everyone can sanitize their hands, without touching the dispenser and before touching your doorknob. 

Now, you’ll have a protective force field around your house against the virus. Just by this, you will be able to raise the chances of your family not getting infected significantly.  Be sure to buy a touchless one though, it will protect you from germs and because they are battery-operated, the hygiene factor will also go up a couple of notches as they require minimal human contact. 

If you are still in the market for a touchless, battery-operated soap dispenser to shield your household from germs and bacteria, then consider buying the Cistoca soap dispenser by Cytari. It is the best in its class. The Cistoca is an automatic soap dispenser that dispenses soap without using human touch. It operates on contactless technology and has a touch-free operation system that ensures your family’s safety. It can be filled with alcohol-based hand sanitizers and is safe for foam soaps as well. You can buy it here.

So, What Should You Look for When Buying Soap Dispensers That Work with Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers?

1. The Inner Tanks and Pumps Should Be Resistant

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Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are more corrosive than regular soap, regardless of what your soap dispenser is made of, its longevity will decrease if you fill it with sanitizer. Still, read the box to know if the pump and tanks are resistant enough to handle alcohol.

2. It Should Have Replaceable Parts

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

You can change the inner tank without the need to change the entire dispenser if the inner tank is easily changeable. You can buy just the inner tanks or the valves if the parts are replaceable – costing you much less money in the long run. Check the model number of your automatic soap dispenser to match up the right internal parts before buying them. 

3. They Should Have a Removable Lid 

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A fact about alcohol is that it evaporates. Alcohol expires because isopropanol evaporates when exposed to the air, and just the water remains. Therefore, the percentage of alcohol can decrease over time, making it less effective.  The percentage of alcohol content in a sanitizer should be at least more than 60% to kill bacteria and viruses and for Covid-19 the percentage of alcohol should be 90%-95%. This percentage will fall if you leave your sanitizer without a lid. 
If you still don’t have an automatic soap dispenser in your arsenal against your battle with the coronavirus then you should consider buying one. The Cistoca soap dispenser by Cytari can be yours without burning a hole in your pocket and you can get it delivered right to your doorstep. You can buy it here.

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