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How Safe Handwashing with Soap Dispensers Can Help You Fight the Coronavirus

The global handwashing day is an international promotional campaign on handwashing to raise awareness of the importance and the benefits of proper hand washing habits. October 15th is dedicated to this particular cause to raise awareness and promote the hygienic practice of washing hands with soap. People take up this day as an opportunity to try creative approaches to promote and encourage people to their hands with soap. 

This day has become extremely important because of the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic. With the Coronavirus pandemic putting the entire world in a lockdown state for months, people have started to realize the importance of proper handwashing and hygiene habits.

Need For Proper Handwashing

Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser

With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading rapidly and people falling sick every day, people have started to realize the importance of properly washing their hands with soap. Handwashing has been known to enhance hygiene standards and the quality of life.

History is proof of how vital handwashing is- as the implementation of proper handwashing in 1848 brought down the mortality rate from 18% to 1% in the maternity ward of Ignaz Semmelweiss’ hospital.

Why Do You Need an Automatic Soap Dispenser in 2020?

Likewise, with the advancement of time and technology, we do have the scope of improving our hygiene and handwashing protocols from that of the 1848 standards. Especially with the Coronavirus pandemic spreading like wildfire, we are in dire need of contactless handwashing to prevent cross-contamination of germs within the family. This means that we have to adapt and opt for contactless handwashing techniques like using advanced soap dispensers.

What Are Soap Dispensers?

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Using soap bars and powdered soap has been the norm in the early days. But with the advent of science, people began to realize that with several people using the same soap bar over and over again, they face the risk of cross-contamination as the soap bar itself becomes the resting place for germs.

With that realization in mind, people began to look for alternatives and came across the idea of liquid soap dispensers. This invention minimized the risk of the handwashing soap itself being contaminated. 

Can Soap Dispensers Be Used For Hand Sanitizer

The soap dispensers contained liquid soap or hand sanitizer that dispensed onto the user’s hands with one simple button press. This innovative mechanism turned out to be tremendous but with a significant flaw.

With several people touching the same button to use the soap dispenser, we faced a similar cross-contamination problem. 

As times changed and technology improved, the soap dispensers got modernized and were made into automatic soap dispensers that made handwashing safer and hygienic.

How Do Automatic Soap Dispensers Work?

Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser

Modern automatic soap dispensers have advanced technologies with which you will have a touch-free contactless handwashing experience. The soap dispensers have sensors placed in them that detect hand movements and dispense soap once you place your hands below them.

This ingenious mechanism prevents cross-contamination and keeps your family safe and well protected. These soap dispensers dispense soap automatically and can be used with liquid soap or hand sanitizers.

With hand washing being popularized and becoming an essential need in today’s critical times, automatic soap dispensers are a boon. In our everyday need, handwashing is not limited to the bathroom, washroom, or kitchen. Almost after every interaction that exposes us to germs and flu viruses, we feel the need to wash our hands. Thus, a conveniently placed soap dispenser or hand sanitizer dispenser can come in handy.

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Surging Importance Of Automatic Soap Dispenser During The Pandemic

Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser

Modern automatic hand sanitizers are not limited to kitchens and washrooms, but can be used in any private or public space which has more than 10 people gathering frequently. They make our life much safer and more hygienic.

With the pandemic’s continuous spreading, the World Health Organization has made it clear how important it is to wash our hands and wear our masks. Like masks which prevent the virus from entering our body through the nasal cavity, safe and clean hands ensure minimal exposure to the virus.

DIY Hand Sanitizer to Fill in Your Automatic Soap Dispenser

During these critical times, where handwashing has become an essential protective step, automatic soap dispensers serve as a boon. They help you maintain your hygiene and keep you protected while preventing cross-contamination. 

Automatic soap dispensers have gained popularity as in several scenarios, the availability of water and basin to wash hands becomes a problem. In offices, meeting or conference rooms, receptions- sanitizing your hands with hand sanitizers seems to be the preferable and practical option.

As modern automatic liquid soap dispensers can be used to dispense hand sanitizers as well, they are great for the official environment.

With changing times, we have the advancement of technology on the one hand and the increasing risk of life-threatening germs on the other. So, it only makes sense if we adapt to the changing time to gain the upper hand and move on with our lives in a safe, healthy, and hygienic manner. With technology on our side, we have to adapt to survive through these dire times.

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