Jade Rollers - Everything You Need To Know

Jade Rollers – Everything You Need To Know

With all the nouveau and technologically advanced beauty treatments out there, it is surprising to see that an ancient Chinese beauty tool is making a comeback. Jade rollers have gone viral over the internet and beauty enthusiasts and vloggers can’t seem to get enough of them. If you search for #Jaderoller on Instagram, you’ll get more than 120,000 hits. Chances are that you may have already seen them pop up in your feed, somewhere or the other. 

But what is this ancient beauty roller tool? Do these things actually work? Why is everyone on Instagram massaging their faces with it? Do they even have benefits or they sell because they just look good on social media? Let’s find out.

What Is A Jade Facial Roller?

Jade rollers are a face massage tool for wrinkles that have been a staple in Chinese skincare regimens since the 7th century. The Chinese believe that they have healing powers and protective properties. These derma rollers are made of Jade or other semi-precious stones like amethyst or rose quartz. Most of these beauty tools have two roller balls to run across the face and some look like a tiny rolling pin. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Jade Facial Roller?

While the simple act of massaging your face can have a plethora of benefits, massaging with a Jade roller can help in reducing stress and tension, just like any regular massage. Here are some key benefits of using a Jade facial roller –

blood circulation

1. Improves Blood Circulation – Using a natural jade roller on your face can lead to an increase in the flow of blood, which will make your face feel firmer and your skin brighter. The rush of oxygen and nutrients that your face will receive with the surge of blood can also help in fighting premature signs of aging. 


2. Help with Blocked Sinuses – There isn’t much research to back this claim yet, but some studies suggest that using a roller for face massage may help in clearing stuffy sinuses.


3. It’s Additive and Chemical-Free – If there’s one thing about the jade beauty tool is that you don’t have to worry about what’s in it. Even if it doesn’t do anything for you (which is highly unlikely), it won’t make things worse. Also, it’s safe to use on any skin type as it’s free of synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens, dyes, and mineral oils. 

soothes the skin

4. It soothes the Skin – Unlike bare hands, the anti aging roller won’t tug and pull at your skin while massaging which helps in preserving the skin’s elasticity. Also, the stone feels really cool and pleasant to the touch as it glides across the skin. The large end of the roller is perfect for the cheeks, jawline, and forehead while the smaller end is ergonomically designed to work around the delicate areas of your face where the skin is thinner, like the under-eye area thus, preventing visible signs of aging like crow’s feet and fine lines.

How Do You Use Shower Bombs?

smooths out the skin

5. It Smooths Out the Skin – Did you know the muscles around your eyes are the most active muscles in the body? No wonder they get tired. There are around 42 different muscles in your face, and they are at work all day helping you smile, squint, and furrow your brows. This can lead to deep lines across the forehead and the surface of the skin.

skin an extraordinary glow

6. It Gives Your Skin an Extraordinary Glow –  The increase in the flow of blood to your skin after using the roller for face massage will keep your skin extra glowy. This increased blood flow can last for over ten minutes just after a five-minute massage with the jade facial roller.

skincare products

7. It Makes Your Other Skincare Products Much More Effective – You may have super expensive night creams and really good skincare products but they are useless until they are absorbed by your skin. The jade beauty roller tool works in conjunction with your serums, oils, and creams by making the application process at least ten times more efficient. So, break out all your expensive creams and serums that you use ever so sparingly and use them with your jade facial roller for a supercharged effect. 

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How Do Jade Rollers Work?

After washing your face and cleansing it properly, apply whatever skincare products you typically use. Now, roll the jade roller against your face in an outward motion. If you just want to drain your lymph nodes, light pressure is optimal, while medium to high pressure will help your skincare products to penetrate deeper and boost the flow of blood. For a firming effect, start with your cheekbones and move outwards. Now, go against the jawline to create more contour and definition. Lastly, move the roller down the back of your ears and towards the clavicle to allow the excess fluids to drain down to the lymph nodes. 

What Skincare Products Work With Jade Rollers?

A face oil and a jade roller is the dynamic duo. The oil will help the beauty roller tool to glide across your face easily and the tool will help the active ingredient in your face oil to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

When Should You Use a Jade Roller?

The best part about this Jade beauty tool is that it can be an amazing addition to either your morning or nighttime skincare regimen. You can keep your beauty roller tool in the refrigerator while sleeping and in the morning a chilled jade roller can make puffy and sleepy eyes disappear, leaving you with a refreshed look. In the p.m., you can use the beauty roller to calm the inflammation on the skin due to everyday exposure to the sun and pollution.

Do Jade Rollers Have Any Side Effects?

Jade rollers have no side effects and are safe to use every day, and for every skin type. However, if you don’t clean your jade facial roller after every use, it can spread bacteria and infection. Moreover, jade facial rollers won’t help you with inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea or eczema. Please consult your dermatologist for them.

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