Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her

It’s that time of the year, isn’t it? Secret Santa is a super fun holiday tradition but mostly you end up with cheap gifts that end up collecting dust in the corner of your desk or in the cabinet somewhere. Also, If you’re part of at least three secret Santa circles, one for your coworkers, one for your family, and one for your friends, then you know how tumultuous it can get. The shopping can be never-ending, while your brain has gone blank on what to get people. 

Here’s a list of affordable and unique Secret Santa gift ideas to save you from becoming the person who gives boring gifts:

1. Cozy Furry Fur Slippers

Fur Slippers

These are perfect for someone who loves to get comfortable. They won’t want to take these creative fur slippers off. 

2. A Workout Gift Bag

workout gift bag

If lulu lemons are not in the budget, then don’t fret. Get them an affordable Secret Santa gift bag with a set of workout essentials. You can even DIY one at home by throwing deodorant towelettes, blister balm, a hair tie, headband, dry shampoo, socks, bobby pins, and a few other things into a gift bag, and you’re done.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her

3. Shower Bombs

Shower Bombs

A shower bomb is a gift that has a personal touch to it. Also, they’re trending everywhere so you can’t go wrong with them. You can buy these online here. The most popular of them all is the FreshWaft from Cytari. These aromatherapy bombs can turn any shower into a spa. Made with essential oils, the FreshWaft shower bombs will melt all the stress away. 

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4. Wine Infused Coffee

Wine infused coffee

Are you the secret Santa to someone who loves wine and also coffee? These beans are 100% Arabica beans that are aged in oak wine barrels. You can easily buy these online, one google search will suffice.

5. An Indoor Grow Kit

indoor grow kit

Indoor plant grow kits are unique and budget-friendly. If the certain someone is a plant killer, then get them an indoor desert grow kit because they will forget to water it. Bonsai cacti don’t need much water and can grow in almost all conditions. 

6. Calming Bath Salts

bath salts

Get unique with your gifts and give them a popular bath salt combo. Anybody who loves to relax would love to receive bath salts. Epsom mixed with Himalayan pink salt is a trendy option you can go for. 

7. An Adult Coloring Book

adult coloring book

If a certain someone is dealing with a little anxiety, then a therapeutic coloring book might just be the best thing for them. Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore, and these books offer much more than just a hint of nostalgia. These zen books can melt stress away. The meditative patterns and templates in such kind of books are quite effective. This doesn’t mean that adult coloring books can replace therapy, but they can go a long way. 

Wishing You a Merry Christmas from everyone at Cytari. 

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