The Dos and Don’ts of Wig Care

The Dos and Don’ts of Wig Care

You can buy tons of wigs, one to suit your every mood. But if you don’t care about them, your wigs won’t last you longer than a few months at best. The synthetic ones can last you two or three months and the human hair wigs can last you six to ten months. By following these instructions and dos and don’ts, you can significantly increase the life span of your wigs. A synthetic wig will last you a year if you care for it properly. 

Also, wigs are quite expensive. Buying a premium wig can set you back a few thousand dollars; you could say that it’s a vanity investment. Therefore, it is prudent to know the ins and outs of wig care so you can extend the life of your wig. 

Pre-Wash: Gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig comb or brush to remove any tangles.

Now, on to the Dos and Don’ts of Wig Care

1. Always Be Gentle When It Comes to Combing a Wig

Be Gentle with Wig

Prohibit the use of daily use brushes and only use special brushes, and a simple combing will suffice. Your wig doesn’t need to be combed every day at least. It is recommended to use professional grade heat styling tools with digital temperature settings to control heat.

The way you comb your wig will play a huge role in determining the lifespan of your wig, therefore, consider investing in a boar hair brush for all your wig brushing needs.

2. Always Keep It on a Wig Styling Tripod and Covered

Wig Styling Tripod

Whenever you’re not slaying the world in your wig, be sure to always palace it on the cosmetology mannequin holder. It is important that your wig stays upright and doesn’t get tangled. Also, remember to always cover it to avoid dust from settling on it because the less you wash your wig the longer it will last.

3. Always Use Special Shampoos and Never Towel Dry

Towel Dry

For maximum life, it is recommended that you should never towel dry your hair. Also, you should buy special products for your wig because regular shampoos and conditioners have a lot of chemicals in them which may damage the texture of the hair on your wig, especially if you own a synthetic wig. 

4. Condition Your Wig

Condition Your Wig

Apply a small quantity of conditioner to your hands and rub them together. Always condition but not more than once every few weeks. The wig should be wet as you work the conditioner through the hair.    

5. The Frequency at Which You Wash Your Wigs

Wash Your Wigs

If you wash your wigs more frequently than every six to eight wearings, you will stress the fibers and decrease its lifespan.  

6. Never Sleep or Shower in Your Wig

Shower in Your Wig

This should be a no-brainer so, never shower with your wig on, also take your wig off if it’s raining too hard. If you sleep with your wig, you’ll just end up with a wig that is tangled and full of knots in the morning. 

7. Limit the Use of Heat on It

Heat on wig

Heating elements can screw up your real hair pretty bad so think about what heat can do to your synthetic wig. A lot of heat can melt the hair on the synthetic wig and even if you do have to use heat to style your wig, use a blow dryer. Refer to the manual or instruction booklet that came with your wig to know the maximum temperature that your wig can withstand and never exceed that temperature. Read up on this so that you never go into a gunfight empty-handed.

8. Don’t Use Hair Sprays

Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are sticky and they will make your wig more likely to tangle or become greasy and unmanageable. A little spray is alright but don’t you go overboard. 

9. Use Silicone Based Products

Silicone wig

People who have hair extensions are well versed in the use and importance of silicone sprays. Silicone-based products will add a glorious sheen and your wig will look almost new again but remember to use this magical spray sparingly. The silicone will also soften the tangles so that they can be brushed out easily; it will also smoothen the fiber. Having said that, prolonged use of silicone products can result in a drab and flat wig. Wash your wing thoroughly to remove it. 

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