Top 7 Hairdresser Secrets For Quick Hair Care

Top 7 Hairdresser Secrets For Quick Hair Care

Salon secrets are well-guarded, and for a good reason! We’d all collectively stop going to the salon if hairdresser secrets were let out! According to the numbers, the US hair care services industry includes more than 80,000 establishments (77,000 beauty salons; 4,500 barber shops) with combined annual revenue of about $20 billion.


Now, if that industry were to let out some tips and tricks, we’ve got them all under this one blog! Here they are:

SECRET #1: It’s OKAY To Shampoo Every Day!


Talks about damaging your hair by shampooing every day have gone around more than enough! It’s time to put that rumor to bed! If you have super oily hair and styling it every morning is a pain on the backside, it is okay to use shampoo daily. The shampoos out there are not as harsh as they used to be; use an organic blend, and you’ll be fine. 

And when you do shampoo, don’t be too harsh on your roots! Gentle massages are easy and work way better than rough scrubs! We mean well, hehe!

SECRET #2: Dirty Hair Styles Better!

Hair Styles

Now here’s a first! Dirty and unwashed hair is easier for your hairstylist and yourself to handle. When your hair is freshly washed, it becomes bulkier and unmanageable than when it is messy and unwashed. So, if you have a nice cocktail party at night, don’t wash your hair that morning. Instead, go for a chic tied-back bun or some braids and look magnificent. 

P.S: This doesn’t mean you should not keep your hair clean! The day after you wash your hair is often when your mane will listen better to your styling tools!

SECRET #3: Salt Spray For Them Beachy Waves!

Salt Spray

Another piece of professional advice from years of expertise is to use DIY rock salt and water spray to get that ‘Just off the beach’ wavy look! If you want those sexy waves that scream you just got off a beach, then this is the best way to get there. No need to perm or style your hair; just spritz some saltwater spray, and voila! You’ll look like a Baywatch model off the beach!

Need more pro-tips? Read this and be blow away! 10 Hair Care And Styling Tips And Tricks All Women SHOULD Know

SECRET #4: Long, Unkempt Hair Is NOT Sexy!

Long Hair

Letting your hair grow long without going in for a salon trim is a complete no-no! No amount of pro tools or tips can get you out of this one! A quick trip to the salon to get some bangs or even a simple hairstyle will take your hair game up a whole other level! What’s in right now is either super short pixie cuts or shoulder-length hair! So you can decide! 

If cutting your hair regularly according to the trends is not your thing, you can always use a wig! To take care of the hairstyle on your wig, place them on a professional wig stand.

SECRET #5:  Satin/ Silk Pillowcases Are Mandatory!


Want your gorgeous hair to stay put on the scalp? Well, you will have to invest in some satin-smooth pillowcases from now on! The majority of women with great hair will tell you how damaging it is to use a rough pillowcase! Your hair strands are in constant friction with the coarse fibers and tend to get messy and even fall out!

Notice your pillowcase in the morning! If you have a cotton one, you will spot some stands hanging out after being mercilessly massacred! 

Don’t always rely on hair products; simple measures are the perfect hair care titbits you need!

SECRET #6: Go Easy On Those Ponytails!


Gravity-defying ponytails look chic and classy, but are they worth the damage every day? Ponytails are great when you’re going for that easy-going and girl next door vibe. But the real damage starts when the hair strands are tortured to fit in a hair-tie or scrunchie way above your head!  

Don’t subject your hair to that trauma; say top stylists! It’s just not worth it! Use some silk scrunchies, keep your ponies loose, and don’t tie a pony at the same location! It increases damage to the roots in the one area alone!

Switch it up and watch the fun!

Also, braids over ponies, any day!

SECRET #7: Keep Your Appliances Clean!


You don’t need any salon-level training to understand the importance of cleanliness! Hair AND the products you use on your hair! Make sure you use some nail polish cleaner to clean out the dust from your hair straighteners, curling iron when the appliance is turned off! The dust accumulation may cause your device to overheat and, in turn, damage your mane.

It doesn’t hurt to also clean out your hairbrush with some soap and cotton! Keep your scalp clean and dust-free with this added step!

So, there you have it! Well, once you read it, they don’t seem as many secrets as they do common facts that we all should’ve learned! Taking care of your hair should be a matter of priority and then pride. We hope these tips will help you keep your hair looking gorgeous, smelling great, and stealing hearts!

Stay Hairmonious!

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