Wigs and Why We Love Them!

Forget all the comments you’ve ever heard or read about wigs! Most unpopular opinions on wigs come from those who’ve never worn them! Wigs are beautiful inventions that protect your hair and help you look the way you want when you want to! The wigs available today are made from top-notch synthetic materials and look incredibly realistic! 

And that’s why the global hair wigs and extension market is estimated to reach revenues of more than $10 billion by 2023! What’s stopping you from getting yours?

Here Are the Reasons Why Wigs Are the Best Faux Protection Your Hair Needs:

Wigs are Cheaper in the Long Run

Thinning Hair

Wait, before you go all berserk on us, we know wigs are expensive! But you know what’s way more expensive? Regular visits to the salon! For every change in hairstyle, you’d be shelling out dozens of dollars every week or month! Wigs give you the ultimate luxury to style your hair and protects it from added salon costs!

Imagine all the time and money you spend on coloring, styling, straightening, curling, or blowing out your hair at the salon! A wig can be replaced every six months to a year, so in the long run, you’ll be saving out more than you imagine!

Thinning Hair? Just Wig It Up!

Thinning Hair

If your hair has taken a beating with regular salon treatments or heat products or is just thinning out for health reasons, wigs are your homies! Almost 10% of women in the US alone suffer from hair loss/ thinning locks! What’s the best way to cover that up? Put on your wig and head out confidently to that party or brunch with the girls! Your hair could be thinning out for multiple reasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors! 

Our hair is a statement we make to the world! It is a part of who we are, and our personality largely depends on it. So, don’t think you can’t let your wig’s hair down and have fun!

Take care of your wig and place it on a tripod wig stand to keep it styled, ready, and suitable just to wear on and step out!

Style Versatility of Wigs

Style Versatility of Wigs

Anyone who loves to make radical style changes, go bob one day and have long hair sweeping down your back the other, then wigs are perfect. You can never get into trouble with a couple of staple wigs. You can change your style regularly, as your mood varies!

On average, Americans spend 6 years of their life doing their hair! That’s a story to discuss at another time, but you get where we are getting at? Getting yourself a couple of choicest wigs to substitute a blowdry, a curling session, or rigorous and unsafe hair treatment.

Wigs Protect Your Natural Hair


It’s time for some truth bombs. Are you ready?

Regular Hair Straightening – damages your hair.

Regular Curling/ Perming – damages your hair.

Regular Streaking – severely damages your hair and causes greying.

Regular Blowouts – damages and thins out your hair.

Okay, we’re sorry, we know that was hard to take! But, we feel the need to release you and your hair from the heat technology and styling treatments! Wigs can do that for you!

Pink wig one day, or a long layered look for another! Wigs protect your hair and keep them safe from external styling. Make sure you use a wig with a breathable cap so that it doesn’t suffocate the roots. 

Good Hair Day, Every Day!

tripod wig stand

There are no two things about this: If you want to have gorgeous, salon-styled hair every day, wigs are the key! It’s that easy! The one thing we keep looking at online and on social media is how people harp on and on about their ‘good hair days.’ Why don’t they talk about ALL the trouble they went through to get that hair? Also, the 100 pictures and selfies they click before the perfect one is shot! 

So, remember,  tripod wig stand + wigs = perfect combination for a good hair day, every single day. Period.

Have you reached the point where you can finally say that wigs are saviors without disguise? 

Stay Happy and Get Wiggy With It!

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