Alleviate Foot Spa Massager


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A personal foot massager to keep feet healthy by relieving any foot problems. An easy way to get rid of pain in ankles or heels.


  • The pedicure spa machine comes with versatile spa functions like vibration function and bubble function. These functions provide a soothing sensation to your feet, giving you spa-like treatment at home.
  • The intelligent infrared-red lights help with sterilization and reduction of muscle fatigue.
  • The heated foot bath massager has 4 removable “shiatsu” massage rollers, that boosts blood circulation in your feet and reduces stiffness.
  • The accu-nodes present at the bottom of the tub trigger your feet’ acupoints and help you relax by reducing body ache and relieving tension.
  • The Pumice Foot Stone of the pedicure spa machine removes dead skin, calluses, and corns.
  • The device has a multi-purpose splash cover. It enables easy cleaning and handling.
  • The 4 rubber stoppers beneath the stoppers make the personal foot massager slip-proof.

Product Benefits

  • A Foot massager gives a convenient option to get a spa-like foot massager from the comfort of home.
  • It removes stiffness and reduces pain in the ankle and heels.
  • It also reduces other body aches, depression, and sleeplessness.
  • It prompts good blood circulation in the feet.
  • It aids dead-skin exfoliation.
  • It softens your feet and improves your skin appearance.

How to use it?

  • Pour the water in the tub. Ensure the water level does not fall below or exceed the marked points.
  • Turn on the device and make the required setting on the Massager board. You can either choose a bubble function or vibration function.
  • You can control the water temperature with the help of the function buttons. Set the temperature of your convenience.
  • You can also add any essential oil to the water for the best results.
  • If you feel the temperature is too high or less, you can vary the temperature. The LCD screen of the device displays the temperature that you set.
  • Wait till you feel a strong pulse. Getting that sensation signifies that the massager has triggered the feet’s acupuncture points.
  • The product also has 4 removable shiatsu massager rollers,  each comes with their own functionality. Fix any one of the rollers of your choice and rub your feet against them manually.
  • Continue the session for the next 10-15 minutes.
  • Turn off the device and discard the tub water.


How long should you leave your feet in a foot spa?

The pedicure foot bath machine was designed to serve only this purpose, so, you can leave in your feet for as long as you like. The electric foot bath massager has various different settings, so, if it’s a long session you’re looking for, you can alter the settings accordingly.

What should I put in my foot spa?

Mostly water but the heated foot massager can also accommodate soaps and other cleansers. You can also add essential oils in the foot spa massager to get an aromatherapy enriched experience at home.

Who should not use a foot spa?

While almost everybody can use a personal foot massager but still you should not use a pedicure foot spa machine if you have a condition such as diabetes, poor circulation in your feet, varicose veins, an infection, or open cuts or sores.

Are foot spas worth it?

Why yes, foot spa massagers are totally worth it. The heated foot spa massager can relieve pain while getting rid of dead skin and callouses. What’s not to love?


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