Chirapsia Massager Gun


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Relieve muscle pain and tension instantly with the Chirapsia hand held body Massager Gun. Noiseless, pain-free and speedy recovery. At-home healing therapy for anybody or muscle pain.


  • The massager is portable. It weighs only 2.5 lbs.
  • It’s an easy-to-use device.
  • The massager comes with interchangeable massage heads explicitly designed for neck and back.
  • The massage gun has a 24V brushless high-torque motor that provides sufficient pressure to the muscle.
  • It’s unique Quiet Glide Technology helps the device to operate without any harsh sound. It produces 35db-55 db through 3 speeds.
  • The device is designed with Nylon 66 and glass-fiber, which allows the device to withstand any damage when dropped from 6 ft height.
  • Its rechargeable batteries work up to 3 hours.

Product Benefits

  • The massager gun gives a spa-like experience.
  • It gives perfect massage therapy by relieving muscle pain and improving blood circulation.
  • It also treats specific pain areas of the body like neck pain, back pain, etc.
  • The electric handheld massager provides back pain and lower back pain relief.
  • The device has great battery life.
  • It relieves muscle soreness and accelerates its recovery.

How to use it ?

  • Turn on the device without aiming at any part of your body.
  • Keep the massager gun an inch away from the body and slowly glide it over the surface.
  • Use the device for about 10-15 minutes and turn it off.
  •  After the session, walk to and fro to get the most of the therapy. 


What is the Massage Gun?

Handheld massager guns are the latest innovation in the massage industry. These percussion massagers boast of brushless high torque motors that can simulate a deep tissue massage at home.

Can I use this massage gun to give massage on my neck and foot?

Yes, you can. However, be sure to use the electric massager on the lowest setting first and then build up from there. The neck and feet house many important nerves and blood vessels so do not throw caution to the wind.

Does this deep tissue massager vibrate or hit?

It has both modes. So, if you’re using it as a personal back massager, you can switch to the vibration therapy mode or if you want to use it as a deep tissue massager machine, you can switch to the hit or percussion mode.

When to use a Massage Gun?

You can use the electric massager anywhere, anytime to get rid of pain and stress, quickly.

Is it easy to massage your own upper back?

Yes, the handheld massager is very lightweight and cordless, making it easy to reach those hard places like the upper back.


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