Midas Jade Roller

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Portable Massage Tool: The jade roller hydrates your skin and reduces the puffiness

of your eyes. Use it after applying a skin serum or moisturizer as it improves the skin penetration

power and increases the absorption power of skin cells. Being small in size, it is easy to carry

wherever you go.

It’s additive and chemical-free:  If there’s one thing about the jade beauty tool is that you don’t have to worry about what’s in it. Even if it doesn’t do anything for you (which is highly unlikely), it won’t make things worse. Also, it’s safe to use on any skin type as it’s free of synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens, dyes, and mineral oils. 

It gives your skin an extraordinary glow:  The increase in the flow of blood to your skin after using the roller for face massage will keep your skin extra glowy. This increased blood flow can last for over ten minutes just after a five-minute massage with the jade facial roller.

It makes your other skincare products much more effective: The jade beauty roller tool works in conjunction with your serums, oils, and creams by making the application process at least ten times more efficient.

Anti Aging Tool: Massaging with the jade stone improves blood circulation and cell

absorption that tones and reinvigorates your facial muscles which gives you a younger-looking

skin with an additional youthful glow. It is an efficient anti-aging tool with multiple benefits of a

functional beauty kit.


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